About the Owner
Growing up on the Jersey Shore!

Lets see, Point Pleasant, Belmar, Seaside Heights, back in the 60's, great times and great memories and some really great surf, odd jobs and no responsibilities... just surfing and having fun! Those days soon ended when I went off to college then the corporte world. The fun and carefree lifestyle ended. I was now a responsible, contributing "going crazy" suite and tie man.

Enough years of that and I decided to trade in my pin stripe suite and wing tip shoes for board shorts and flip-flops. Opening Epic Surf Shop 26 years ago was the better move. We have had our ups and downs but no more suite and ties. Epic has grown from a little tiny shop back then to a "We Own The Beach" shop now. Custom Boards and anything else you will need is just right around the corner. Come check us out!